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Bonsai, prebonsai and yamadori material
IBUKI Bonsai Collection has been established and developed for over two decades. The trees are chosen as a yamadori or imported bonsai material from Europe and Asia and developed over years at IBUKI. The trees for sale come either directly from IBUKI Collection or are in the process of becoming a part of the collection. We offer only material well established and fully rooted.


IBUKI hand made pots by Mariusz Folda
Our pots are designed and hand crafted by Mariusz Folda at IBUKI


IBUKI CUSTOM MADE BONSAI STANDS. They are designed by Mariusz Folda and hand crafted by our master carpenter.  Our customers very often send us photos and choses  sizes of the stands that they need. We are happy to design any  table and produce it for them.
Only the highest quality exotic and European wood is used and the craftsmenship is of the highest standard.


None ceramic bonsai containers
Beside IBUKI ceramics we are aware that it is great to offer other containers that are not ceramics but are presenting  great alternatives and give amazing opportunities to create amazing combinations of plants and containers like natural or artificial slabs, rocks etc


Bonsai Wire – Aluminium and Copper produced by IBUKI
highest quality bonsai wire used by many bonsai professionals at best prices in Europe

  • Aluminium wire available sizes:
    1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 5 5,5 6 mm
    Size of the roll: 20cm wide
    Weight of the roll: 500g
  • Copper wire  available sizes:
    0,6 0,8 1 1,2 1,5 1,8 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 5 6 mm
    Size of the roll: 35cm wide
    Weight of the roll: 1kg

Other sizes of aluminium and copper wire can be produced

Wholesale Prices – on request

Wholesale –  woden palet  shipping: It is possible to ship up to 1000 aluminium wire rolls (500kg) or 500 copper wire rolls on one palet. It is possible to mix on one palet copper and aluminium wire, bonsai substrate and bonsai pots etc.

Shipping: IBUKI Studio Bonsai ships worldwide. We use a wide range of shipping companies. Once you place your order, we work hard for you to find the best shipping solution, so the products are safe and the cost is as low as only it is possible. Once we determine the best shipping solution we contact you at once for your approval.


IBUKI Bonsai Sieved Substrate (pumice/bims, akadama, lava, zeolite/chabasai)


IBUKI bonsai SIEVED Substrates (17l bags):

Sieved SINGLES (17l bags):
– Pumice (bims)
– Lava
– Zeolite
– Akadama

Chose a few different available types of substrates at the same size and you are ready to prepare your own mix, all particles the same size as it should be. However we can prepare any MIX you desire here at IBUKI:

Sieved MIXes (17l bags):

– Akadama/Pumice 50/50 MIX for needle trees
– Akadama/Pumice 60/40 MIX for leaf trees
– Akadama/Lava 50/50 MiX for needle trees
– Akadama/Lava 60/40 MIX for leaf trees

– Akadama/Lava/Pumice/Zeolite 30/30/30/10 MIX
for yamadori and young trees – FAST branch structure development

– Akadama/Lava/Pumice 33/33/33 MIX
for mature and developed trees – balanced, to sustain advanced structure


– Pumice/Lava/Zeolite 33/33/33 MIX

SIEVED Substrate available sizes: (apply to all of our IBUKI sieved substrates):
-LARGE size  6,5-7 mm (larger  trees, pot  40cm + or pine trees)
– MEDIUM size  4,5-5mm  (medium trees, pot below 40cm)
– SMALL  size  2,5-3mm for smaller bonsai and shohin
– XL size  10-11mm for yamadori material – 2 substrates available: –  pure pumice or – pumice/lava 50/50


Imported Japanese Substrates
Original Japanese substrates available at IBUKI (14l bag):
These substrates are not sieved and contain dust as all substrates imported from Japan.
– Akadama (hard brand) 14l orginal Japanese bag
– Kiryu 14l orginal Japanese bag
– Kanuma 14l orginal Japanese bag
– IBUKI Keto – it is traditional keto with the right addition of akadama and sphagnum moss prepared at IBUKI. It means it is ready to use, fully prepared product.


IBUKI TAMAHI – Professional Organic Bonsai Fertiliser –  FERMENTED – the highest qualilty slow release bonsai fertiliser.

– Tamahi (summer)
N/P/K +  Micronutrients (9/4/2)
– Tamahi (autumn)
N/P/K + Micronutrients (3/7/9)


Tamahi – 4kg package
Tamahi – 2kg package
Tamahi – 1kg package


IBUKI Tamahi organic fertilizer pellets.
They are solid, dry, and put in shape. Soy, bone meal, fish meal, rapeseed, krill and oyser shells, minerals and rice bran gone through the fermentation process and dried to take the form of pellets that is used in the top bonsai nurseries in Japan for decades. This fertilizer is used for bonsai trees because it sustains its effectiveness without dissolving quickly. It is totally safe as you cannot over fertilise, your bonsai will take nutrition as much as it requires.

Complete fertilizer for strong growth. Provides a vital and healthy bonsai. For both young and old outdoor bonsai, yamadori  and shohin.


Place for every 50mm pot length 1 – 2 pellets on the soil. The pellets may be pushed into the ground a bit. Keep Tamahi moist to get the best result through good bonsai watering practices. The granules can also be put in a fertilizer basket with some spagnum moss or tea bags.

Nitrogen in the Tamahi will be effective for 4-6 weeks, however the other elements will be effective for much longer. Apply new pellets after 4-5 weeks however leave the old ones for as long as possible to get the full benefit from Potassium, Phosphorous and other elements.

Last application of Summer Tamahi – beginning of September
First application of Autumn Tamahi – mid of September or end of September depending on location.

Apply 4 – 7 times a year to your bonsai (every 4 weeks).


We are cooperating with the best quality tool makers, What we offer, we use at IBUKI and can recommend it. Here you can find bonsai tools and accessories that can be trusted and use over many years with a great success.