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  /    /  FERTILISER, 2 KG TAMAHI, FERTILISER, 2 KG TAMAHI  /  IBUKI Tamahi – ‘Autumn’ 2kg Professional Bonsai Fertiliser

IBUKI Tamahi – ‘Autumn’ 2kg Professional Bonsai Fertiliser


IBUKI TAMAHI – Professional Organic Bonsai Fertiliser – Fermented

– Tamahi (Autumn)
N/P/K + Micronutrients (3/7/9)

IBUKI Tamahi organic fertilizer pellets.
They are solid, dry, and put in shape. Soy, bone meal, fish meal, rapeseed, minerals and rice bran gone through the fermentation process and dried to take the form of pellets. This fertilizer is used for bonsai trees because it sustains its effectiveness without dissolving quickly. It is totally safe as you cannot over fertilise, your bonsai will take nutritions as much as it requires.
Complete fertilizer for strong growth. Provides a vital and healthy bonsai. For both young and old outdoor bonsai and shohin.

Place for every 50mm pot length 1 – 2 pellets on the soil. The pellets may be pushed into the ground a bit. Keep Tamahi moist to get the best result. The granules can also be put in a fertiliser basket with some spagnum moss. Tamahi will be effective for 6 or 7 weeks. Then replace the grains. Apply 4 – 6 times a year to your bonsai.

People who visit IBUKI Studio Bonsai & Ceramics by Mariusz Folda are always surprised with the excellent health, strong growth and overall top condition of bonsai.
It is due to the fact that I take care so much of the health of the plants.
I use our own fertiliser IBUKI Tamahi -Professional Bonsai Fertilizer.